What is the 2018 print schedule?

Our print schedule is as follows this year:

  • Issue 10 - On Sale 1/29/18
  • Issue 11 - On Sale 4/30/18
  • Issue 12 - On Sale 7/30/18
  • Issue 13 - On Sale 10/29/18

Where can I buy Thoughtfully Mag?

You can buy Thoughtfully in our online shop (we ship to the U.S. Canada and worldwide) or in person at Whole Foods Market, Barnes & Noble, Anthropologie, Books-A-Million, The Detox Market and more in the U.S. and Canada.

Please remember that magazine sales at the newsstand matter A LOT, especially to indie publications like ours, so vote with your dollars.


How can I advertise in Thoughtfully?

Email us at advertise@thoughtfullymag.com for our 2018 Media Kit and to learn more about our print and digital options.

Do you accept new contributors?

Yes, we love to collaborate. Whether you're an expert, writer, photographer, illustrator or influencer, send us your story idea(s) to hello@thoughtfullymag.com. Please make sure your pitch is clear and concise, and includes links to your work. No attachments unless requested.

Remember, story ideas should be written with our readers in mind and should not be promotional in any way. If you want to promote your brand or service, contact advertise@thoughtfullymag.com and learn more about our sponsored options.