10 Reasons to Attend W.E.L.L. Summit 2017

W.E.L.L. Summit 2017 is just under 30 days away and we're ready to head to the "big apple" for one of our favorite wellness events of the year on November 3-4. Full of wellness, empowerment, luxury, and learning, the W.E.L.L. Summit is back for it's third year in a row and we wouldn't think of missing this annual curated conference. A reunion of sorts, we can't wait to see our tribe and talk to our new issue's theme stronger together (yes, everyone's taking home a copy of Thoughtfully and cover girls Koya Webb and Latham Thomas will be joining us along with some other special guests). New York City, here we come! And here's 10 reasons why we think you should attend too:

  1. The immersion. If you're anything like us and completely obsessed with all things wellness (or just starting to dabble into it), then two full days of being immersed in all things wellness sounds like heaven...and it is at the W.E.L.L. Summit.
  2. The 360° view of wellness. Dive into all aspects of wellness. From nutrition and non-toxic beauty to remaining zen while running a business, working a high-powered position or balancing family and everything in between, the W.E.L.L. Summit has you covered. Their experts and speakers don't just talked about this stuff but they live it and they're there to share what they know with you.
  3. The curated feel. Everything at the W.E.L.L. Summit is hand-picked and designed with the attendee in mind. Founder Gianne Doherty makes sure that this conference is curated and one-of-a-kind.
  4. The speakers and breakout sessions. While Friday is full of thought-provoking panels and speakers on the big stage and the energy in the room is unbelievable, Saturday is filled with equally good vibes but on a more intimate level. Each breakout session is capped at just 40 attendees each.
  5. The gift bag. Filled with wellness goodies, the gift bag is valued at over $200 and the take-homes are pretty amazing.
  6. The recharge lounge. Feeling like you just need to take a breather and unwind between sessions or even during a session, take some time out in the recharge lounge will you'll find plenty of healthy snacks, tea and coffee always stocked.
  7. The party. Get ready to turn up at the L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Party with over 30 vendors, healthy snacks, custom cocktails and open bar along with a tenoverten manicure bar.
  8. The tea time chat after-party. So after the party, there's another party. Last year, we sat rooftop, did facials and sipped on tea while chatting the night away and making even closer connections.
  9. The food. Unlimited healthy snacks, organic tea and coffee. They had us at unlimited and healthy. Plus, there's a beautiful healthy lunch option with the VIP ticket.
  10. The vibes. W.E.L.L. Summit's unofficial tagline is "your vibe attracts your tribe" and you'll feel all the good vibes here. We mentioned it feels like a bit of a reunion and that's intentional. The hope is that everyone feels welcome and seen and leaves better than they came.

Check out the video we created from last year's W.E.L.L. Summit and use promo code THOUGHTFULLY at wellsummit.org to get $30 off on Friday only tickets or $50 off weekend tickets. Plus, look for a follow-up post as we take you deeper into some of the speakers and topics. See you at W.E.L.L. Summit 2017!

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