26 Women of Color Changing the Face of Wellness


As a woman of color at the helm of Thoughtfully Mag, I'm no stranger to the fact that there's a disproportionate amount of white-washing and lack of diversity in the wellness, self-care and eco living space. I have felt the feelings of not being considered, seen or heard and even being treated as invisible because of the color of my skin. With black history month coming to an end, I wanted to take the time to honor 26 women of color changing the face of wellness and creating more inclusive self-care spaces. Let's continue to be strong voices for healthy and thoughtful living with an intention of love, not leaving anyone out in the process or making them feel like they don't belong. Everyone deserves to have healthy options and be well!

1. Koya Webb, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach and Creator of Get Loved Up 2. Latham Thomas, Author, Doula and Creator of Mama Glow 3. Lauren Ash, Yoga Instructor and Founder of Black Girl in Om 4. Gianne Doherty, Founder of Organic Batch Co. and The W.E.L.L. Summit 5. Barbara Jacques, Founder of Jacq's Organics 6. Natasha James, Founder of Rawcells Organic Vegan Treats 7. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Yoga Educator and Founder of Yoga, Literature & Art Camp at Spelman College 8. Hannah Bronfman, Founder of HB Fit 9. Racheal Weathers, Yoga Instructor 10. Alex Elle, Author and Founder of Balm & Co. and Self-Care Sessions 11. Nikisha Brunson, Founder of Folie Apothecary and Urban Bush Babes 12. Jessica Jones & Wendy Lopez, Authors and Creators of Food Heaven Made Easy 13. Nancy Twine, Founder of Briogeo Hair Care 14. Karen Young, Founder of Oui Shave 15. Jenné Claiborne, Vegan Chef and Founder of Sweet Potato Soul 16. Danielle Acoff, Model and Yoga Influencer 17. Funlayo Alabi, Founder of Shea Radiance 18. Deddeh Howard, Lifestyle Influencer and Co-Creator of The Black Mirror Project 19. Francheska Medina, Creator of Hey Fran Hey and Supernatural Wellness Pop-Up 20. Kimberly Elise, Actress and Founder of Kimberly Elise Natural Living 21. Dr. Tiffany Lester, Integrative Medicine Doctor and Medical Director at Parsely Health in San Francisco, CA 22. Sophia Roe, Plant-Based Chef 23. Chelsea Williams, Green Beauty Blogger 24. Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Enthusiast and Body Positive Advocate 25. Desiree Verdejo, Founder of Vivrant Beauty 26. Kitiya Mischo King, Founder of Mischo Eco Nail Lacquer


Photography by Deun Ivory of Lauren Ash & Zakkiyyah Najeebah of Black Girl in Om. Read our interview with them in Thoughtfully Mag Issue 7.