5 Habits You Should Leave Behind in 2016 to Improve Your Overall Wellness


Can you believe another year has flown by and 2016 is almost at its end?!! We can't. (We now fully comprehend when our parents and all of the other adults in our lives growing up said "time goes by fast, so enjoy every season.") And as we take these final days to reflect on all that happened this year, we decided on 5 habits that should definitely be left behind in 2016, and forevermore, if you want to improve your overall wellness.

Eating Processed Foods. Incorporate more real and whole foods into your eating in 2017 and discover how much better you'll feel and look. You would never put regular gas in a luxury, high-performance vehicle if you want to maximize its life and limit its breakdowns and need for repairs. Make that connection to your body and start looking at foods in a whole new way.

Negative Self-Talk. So how's that working for you? Begin with telling yourself how loved you are (love starts with you) and start appreciating you. Gone are the days of self-loathing and ripping yourself apart with your words and thoughts. Bye, Felicia!

Worrying About Things You Can't Control. Interrupt worry and anxiety with gratitude. Anytime worry rears its head, it's an internal signal that there's a lack of trust in an area. Trust that God has your back and be free from worry and fear.

Comparing Yourself to Others. Many call it the thief of joy because it will get you every time. When you stop being so focused on what everyone else has and is doing, you can actually find true happiness and your own unique purpose.

Using Toxic Personal Care & Cleaning Products. Your skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs what you put onto it so know what you're slathering on your skin and what you're inhaling. Not everything that's sold on store shelves is safe, thoughtful or good for you. Hence, the European Union has over 1,300 ingredients banned while the U.S. has only 11. Start reading the ingredient labels on the products you're purchasing and you'll be surprised what you learn along the way.

Here's to letting go of what no longer nourishes us in the new year!