5 Steps for Incorporating Gratitude Into Your Life


Gratitude turns what we have into enough and is the place from which our wellness can truly flourish. Founder of Art of Organics, Claire Molyneaux walks us through 5 steps for incorporating gratitude into our lives.

  1. Create a daily affirmation. "I have enough." or "I am enough."
  2. Detox from your devices. Turn off your phone, computer, TV and iPad and be present with yourself. Enjoy the smallest of details that would normally be overlooked.
  3. Self-care is critical. Create time for a regular self-care ritual. Allowing time to show yourself gratitude and nourish your body with care makes it possible to do the same for those you love.
  4. Acknowledge your gratitude. Spend a few minutes each day reflecting on three things you feel grateful for. Keep a bedside journal to begin and end each day with feelings of gratitude.
  5. Share your gratitude. Think outside the box for ways to express your gratitude. Even something as small as an unexpected thank you or note can strengthen your relationships.

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