Is Diversity Lacking In Green Beauty?


Being women of color in the beauty industry has not always been easy for entrepreneurs like Barbara Jacques, the founder of Jacq’s Organics, and Brandie Gilliam, founder of Thoughtfully Magazine. Yet it is also something that has never held them back from carving their niche in the green beauty world.

"I love being a woman of color and there is no other woman that I'd rather be but me. For if I secretly long to live in someone else's skin or hair, I'll never truly see the beauty that I've been uniquely given in this life of mine." - Brandie Gilliam

With February as Black History month and March as Women’s History Month, it seems timely to celebrate the changes we are witnessing in the beauty space but also herald in greater expansion and diversity.

"We need to wake up and give thought to what we're putting out into the world and what we're saying to women about themselves in the process. Let's make all women feel like we see them and that they matter and deserve healthy options, because they do."

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